Here are 3 Painful Knitting Lessons from the Pros

In this short article we’ll discuss the 3 painful knitting lessons from the pros. They’ve learned these lessons through a ton of mistakes and years of knitting.

Today we’re now sparing you from the pain. We’ll give you some ideas about how to minimise the pain while getting the most out of your knitting. Let’s start.

1. Cats play with yarn (and these pets will also eat yarn)

It’s fun to think about but it’s actually a serious issue. That’s why many hobbyists put their yarns inside secure lids. They make sure that the yarns are out of reach from the cats. Take note that it only takes a few minutes for the cats to wreak complete havoc to your yarns and knitting stuff.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced knitter, keep your yarns safe from cats. Also protect the yarns from water, moisture and liquid spills. Some types of yarn can be vulnerable to water when exposed for too long (plus you want to keep them clean).

2. Just get started and don’t be intimidated

Even knitting a sock can be intimidating. The pattern and the stitches just seem overwhelming especially for beginners. It’s just a small project but many people procrastinate to get it done.

It’s also the case with huge projects (e.g. full adult sweater). The whole project is intimidating. Just thinking about how long it will take is enough to scare most people.

However, the key is just to get started. Look at the pattern then hold the needles and prepare the yarn. Start the motion and the emotion will follow (the motivation usually appears when you start an action). If you’re really struggling, just stop and start again later.

This becomes a habit if you do this every day. Later on it becomes automatic to knit baby socks or even knit a small sweater or scarf. Just sit and make it a habit to start the movement of knitting. After just a few minutes you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll also be surprised at the result if you just commit yourself.

3. Not everyone will appreciate your craft

This is painful. Perhaps you’re knitting a clothing item or dining accessory to please someone. Or maybe you’re creating a sweater or beanie for a friend. However, they don’t seem happy about it.

Well, remember that you’re doing it for yourself. Also remember that you’ve made something useful. Perhaps the receiver will only appreciate your craft after she found valuable use from it. The reaction and gratitude might only be delayed.

In addition, knitting is good for mental health. This hobby will make you feel productive. This also improves your focus because knitting requires full attention and meticulous movements of the hands.

Painful knitting lessons from the pros

Those are just some of the painful knitting lessons that you’ll likely encounter on the journey. At least now you have some idea how to prepare your mind for those “pain.”

Anyway, knitting is always a pleasure because you’ll make something tangible. It’s especially the case if you’re using top-quality yarns and following awesome patterns. That’s why here at The Aussie Knitting Co, we make knitting more pleasurable and productive by providing high-quality products for the enthusiasts and hobbyists.