What Do You Like About Knitting?

Perhaps it’s about the sense of accomplishment or the feeling of being productive each minute. Many say that it’s therapeutic because knitting improves focus on the present. Doing something productive with our own hands has always been good for our mental health. Knitting is also a good chance to slow down and forget fast-paced living. […]

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How to Stay Enthusiastic and Motivated in Knitting

There are just those times when you want to stop and take a break from knitting and everything. Perhaps you experience burnout (because of work and responsibilities) or you’re just looking for something fresh. It can also be the case when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau and no matter how hard you try […]

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Here are Knitting and Crocheting Ideas for the Rest of 2019

It’s almost the second half of the year and time flies fast. Right now you want to catch up and get busy for the rest of the year filling your portfolio with amazing knitted creations. Good thing is we’ve gathered some awesome ideas and inspirations for you. Let’s start. 1. A small soft toy with […]

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Can I Sell My Knitted Creations?

The short answer is yes. But as with most questions and answers, there are always exceptions, terms and conditions. In other words, you should still consider important things such as copyright, permission and the creators’ rights. What are some of the creators’ rights? Well, their creations are the result of their hard work, research and […]

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Let’s Answer the Most Common Beginner Knitting Questions

New knitters are often overwhelmed with taking on their first project (e.g. knitting baby socks and beanies). After all it’s a new skill and there seems to be dozens of small details to learn before someone can call him/herself a knitter. Learning how to knit is different from learning other skills and hobbies. There are […]

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How to Take Your Knitting to the Next Level This Year

want to challenge yourself and take your hobby to the next level. It’s natural to look for something new. We humans just love looking for the next new shiny thing we can get busy with. We want a bit of excitement so that we can be motivated again to pursue our hobbies or just add […]

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