Are you sure you have all necessary supplies for your next knitting or sewing project? Regardless of how creative your endeavors are, The Aussie Knitting Co offers a huge collection of haberdashery to keep you well prepared at all times.

We help you keep your knitting and sewing kits well stocked with high-quality threads, fabric scissors, pins, and needles from the most trusted applications. Our present range of haberdashery items include pins, thread, needles, zips, cottons, gutermann threads, press studs, elastic, sewing machine needles, bias binding, mending patches, hemming tape, and much more.

The Aussie Knitting Co is the ideal shopping destination for anyone who is serious about knitting and fashion. Our experts are well equipped to help you put the finishing touches to your project with the help of the right kind of wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks and cottons, fringes, tassels, frames and tapestries, and trimmings.

The range of haberdashery supplies available at The Aussie Knitting Co also include

  • Needles, oils, and bobbin cases for sewing machines
  • Knitting patterns, yarns, needles, and accessories
  • Different types of hooks, eyelets, buttons, zippers, velcro, and other types of fasteners
  • Glue and fabric paint for craft projects
  • Knitting yarns, needles, patterns, and accessories
  • Embroidery kits, needles, and threads
  • Hooks for trouser and skirt
  • Knitting laces
  • Drawstring and elastic cord
  • Eyelets and grommets
  • Nylon lace, cotton lace, ribbon lace, narrow ribbon, satin ribbon , and blanket ribbon
  • Tassels, braids, fringes, cord, and bindings in various widths

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