Book 918 – Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas Treasures

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Christmas Treasures is our second booklet on a Christmas theme::: and is our biggest publication to date::: with 40 pages packed with gifts:::Carol Singers dolls::: decorations and novelties. The Carol Singers make a charming centre piece for your festivities. Dressed in Victorian-style costume::: these sweet children stand up unsupported. The boy measures 26cm (10¼in)::: the girl is slightly smaller. Her crinoline skirt stands out beautifully::: without any stiffening material::: because a knitted petticoat gives the ‘crinoline’ effect. Jean has a small collection of old dolls::: two of which are antique wooden peg dolls. These penny woodens were produced in the Victorian era as toys for poor children::: who dressed them in scraps of fabric and trimmings. Yet one very rich girl chose to dress a large number of these simple dolls. That little princess was later to become Queen Victoria. Her wonderful collection of peg dolls is at present housed in the Museum of London.


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