Bamboo Knitting Needles: Why Many People Choose These

Bamboo knitting needles are getting popular these months and years. One reason is that these needles give a whole new knitting experience to the long-time hobbyists and even beginners.

Many still use plastic and metal needles. However, bamboo needles provide such a unique experience that there’s no going back. Find out why by reading the following 3 reasons:

1. Provides warmth

In contrast with aluminium or metal needles, the ones made from bamboo don’t feel cold even during the winter. This means you can still enjoy knitting no matter how cold it gets.

This is possible because bamboo needles are poor conductors of heat. Less heat is escaping from your hands even during hours of continuous knitting. On the other hand, metal needles are good conductors of heat. The heat flows from your hands into the needles. The feeling of cold is actually the feeling of losing heat.

2. Soft and lightweight

Metal and plastic needles feel a bit rigid and tough to the touch. It also feels more like a chore than a hobby whenever you’re using those needles.

But with bamboo needles, the feel is different. It’s a bit softer (you can readily feel the difference). In addition, these needles are lightweight (up to 60% lighter than aluminium needles of the same size). This can make the knitting a smoother and much more enjoyable experience.

3. Eco-friendly and adds variety into your knitting experience

Many people now prefer using eco-friendly and renewable materials in their daily activities. Plastics are non-biodegradable and they harm the environment. Metals need to be processed and fabricated (which requires lots of electricity).

Good news is bamboo needles are eco-friendly and renewable. Fully matured bamboo trees are chosen for fabrication. It’s like harvesting for fruits. After some time, there’s a new set of bamboo trees around. It’s sustainable and environment-friendly.

Bamboo knitting needles for hobbyists

Aside from being eco-friendly, being soft, and providing warmth, bamboo needles are also becoming a favourite because of the desire to try something new.

If you want a whole new knitting experience, bamboo knitting needles are sure to satisfy you. Wondering where to get such needles? You can contact us today and we’ll respond to you immediately.

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