Knitting Projects: 5 Projects to Get Started with Your New Hobby

Are you looking for new knitting projects? Here, you can find where to get started. You can also learn here a few knitting tips that will help you get the most out of your new hobby.

Knitting can be relaxing and therapeutic. In addition, it’s a hobby that also helps you become productive. It’s a great feeling whenever you finish a project and you give it to someone you cherish.

Anyway, here are the 5 knitting projects you can start with:

1. Shawl

This is one of the easiest projects. That’s because it’s relatively small and doesn’t require sensitive measurements. In addition, there’s much allowance for mistakes (that’s why beginners love to start with this).

Shawls are useful especially when it’s unusually cold. The shawl provides additional warmth. Your friend or loved one will appreciate it if you give her one (or just make a shawl for yourself if you’re just starting out).

2. Baby sweater, socks and boots

Making it and seeing the final result is gratifying. After all, those baby sweaters, socks and boots are cute. These clothing items definitely add to the cuteness of the babies.

You can find a wide selection of baby patterns. You can start with baby hat, sweater, or boots and socks. From head to toe, you can find a beautiful pattern. You can also start with bright colours because these surely add to cuteness of the babies.

3. Mittens

Many hobbyists make mittens as a holiday gift for their friends or family. One main reason is that you can readily find a wide variety of designs, colours and patterns.

Just like the shawls, mittens provide additional warmth. In addition, these mittens complement almost any outfit. That’s why babies, kids and adults wear a pair when it’s cold.

4. Toy/doll clothing

You can start with this if you’re just new to knitting. It can serve as a practice or you can just do it for fun.

You can find toy/doll clothes patterns with varying designs and themes. You can find patterns about Christmas, clowns and even scarecrows.

5. Home accessories

Home accessory patterns are now available. If you just want to add a few accessories in your bedroom or kitchen, these home accessory patterns are just ideal for you.

You can also make those home accessories as gifts for your friends, co-workers or relatives. They’re fairly easy to make because the measurements are not that complicated (compared to clothing).

Knitting projects Australia

For fun, you can start with toy/doll clothing. If you want to make something useful (and something that will last long for many years), you can create home accessories or shawls.

Here at The Aussie Knitting Co, we provide a wide range of knitting patterns. Start with one and proceed into the next. Before you know it, you’ve already finished over a dozen projects.

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