Knitting Yarn: What to Choose Among Different Types

Whether you’re planning to knit a sweater or a scarf, your success will largely depend on the right type of knitting yarn you choose. How do you select a good one? What are the types of knitting yarns? What are the main differences among each one? Let’s explore the answers below:

The types of knitting yarns

Yarns are generally classified into 3 types according to material:

  1. Animal-based (e.g. wool)
  2. Plant-based (cotton, hemp)
  3. Synthetic (nylon, polyester)

The interlocked fibers are spun together to create thicker strands. You might have heard the term “plies.” These plies are actually interlocked fibers. As a result, the number of plies can affect how the finished product will look.

Weight, drape and texture

The number of plies and the material of the yarn can greatly affect the weight, drape and texture of what you’re trying to make.

For instance, the type of yarn can affect how a finished piece will hang (this is called drape). Thicker yarns (with corresponding thick needles) can result to a more relaxed drape. When it comes to texture, a plain solid yarn will be enough.

Thicker yarns will often be heavier. This will be very apparent when you wear the sweater made of thick yarns.

One tip to make the choice easier

With all the facts mentioned above, it can be overwhelming just to choose a yarn for your hobby and project. One tip to make this easier is by following the recommendation according to your chosen pattern.

For example, you can readily find Cotton/Bamboo patterns. You will be sure that the yarn you choose is correct and the pattern will be followed exactly.

Knitting yarn, needles and other supplies

Aside from yarns, you also need to choose the right needles and the appropriate patterns for your hobby. That’s why at The Aussie Knitting Co, we provide all the knitting supplies you will need.

You can order online and we’ll deliver the supplies to your location. You can check our FAQs or contact us directly.

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