How Do I Go Back to Knitting After a Long Break?

Whether it’s because of an injury or life got busy (perhaps a new baby, new responsibilities at work or other hobbies), if you want to go back to knitting the first thing to do is to slow down and start with very small projects (like small beanies and socks). How do I go back to […]

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How Knitting Encourages Mindfulness

It’s now time to slow down and focus on the present. Enjoy and appreciate this very moment and you will experience the calm and quiet. Well, this is not your typical article about gratitude and mindfulness. Our focus here is how knitting encourages mindfulness. First we’ll talk about mindfulness in general and then quickly discuss […]

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How Knitting Inspires Science and Engineering

Although knitting is a hobby and a relaxing activity, there’s some fascinating science and engineering behind it. Here in this article let’s stretch our minds a bit as we talk about the academic and technical side of knitting. Structure determines function and properties Well, this is a heavy start. Anyway, what gives beauty and function […]

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Knitting Comfortably: How to Avoid the Pain

Knitting is supposed to be relaxing because of the quiet and just sitting down completing a nice project. However, the peace and quiet can be easily disrupted by pain in the wrists, hands, arms, shoulders, neck or back. This can immediately stop you from knitting further and prevent you from finishing that lovely scarf you’re […]

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How Long Does It Take to Get Good at Knitting

To get good at knitting means feeling comfortable while you do the stitches. As with most skills and hobbies, getting good at knitting requires that uncomfortable and steep learning experience. That mental and physical discomfort is a natural part of learning. Aside from being comfortable while knitting (i.e. you progress quickly and continually), a reasonable […]

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How Yarns Shape History

Yarns have shaped history and greatly influenced human living for thousands of years. The oldest artefacts found made with yarn (just similar to modern yarn we see today) date up to 20,000 years ago (some estimates that it’s just 7,000 years ago). Yarns have been comprised of interlocked fibres (whether plant or animal fibres) and […]

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