3 Easy Knitting Patterns Even Beginners Can Do

Starting with easy knitting patterns can help you get things done right away and boost your confidence. After all, what motivates us most (especially the beginner hobbyist) is seeing a result as soon as possible.

I assume that you already have yarns, knitting needles and a few accessories. Congratulations because you’re already one step ahead of those who want to get into knitting. Anyway, once you have the complete supplies, where should you start?

In general, easy patterns are small and don’t have much intricacies. These are good starting points when you’re just new to knitting. Here are some of those easy patterns:

1. Kiddie and baby beanies

Baby beanies are small, easy to make and cute. Beginners feel delighted because it’s a satisfying piece of work.

In addition to the design, the beanies are useful. These can protect the babies’ heads from heat or cold. The parents are sure to appreciate it if you made one for their baby.

You can start with a kit and maybe finish the whole project this weekend. You don’t have to take a lot of measurements and you can begin right away with the pattern.

2. Scarf

A scarf is also one of the easiest knitting patterns. The whole project is easy. There are no complicated measurements. You also don’t have to worry much about the type of yarn to use for the project.

In contrast to adult sweaters, scarves are fairly easier to make. Sweaters can take a lot of effort and time to make. In addition, you might also need to understand the different terminologies in knitting patterns (you can pick them up fast if you attend a knitting class).

A scarf is also a cool gift for friends, families and co-workers. You can have it ready this weekend or just after a few days if you knit after work hours.

3. Hand-made dog coat

This is also one cool craft to make. If you have a small dog that deserves a cute outfit, it’s time for you to knit a dog coat.

You can readily find a wide variety of dog coat patterns that you can start anytime. The task itself is a fulfilling one as you see the results unfold while you’re knitting.

Easy knitting patterns Australia

Whether you want something quick or you just want to try your hand in knitting, easy patterns can help you produce something in the least amount of time.

If you want more ideas and patterns, you can visit our Patterns page.

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