Alpaca Yarn: Why Hobbyists Choose This Type of Yarn

Many experienced hobbyists choose the alpaca yarn for their knitting projects. One main reason is that this type of yarn presents many unique advantages compared to other types.

In this short article, we’ll explore those unique benefits and advantages. After reading this, you might prefer this yarn for the rest of your knitting projects. Let’s start.

1. Lightweight and strong fibres

Alpacas are exposed to harsh environments. There are long periods of heat and cold that are worse than normal climates. That’s why alpacas have evolved and developed strong protection mechanisms.

One of the amazing results is the yarn that comes from them. The fibres are really strong and yet lightweight. Alpacas can still move around a lot while having strong protection for themselves.

A lightweight and yet strong yarn is also beneficial for knitting. It will be easier on the hands while doing the hobby. The resulting sweater or scarf will also become durable because of the strong fibres.

2. Highly waterproof

Alpacas have also developed protection mechanisms against water. That’s why alpaca yarns absorb minimal or no water. The water can add to the weight and make microorganisms thrive (which can cause diseases to the animals).

This water resistance is also useful when making a sweater or other crafts. The knitted work will absorb minimal water, which leads to less sagging. The whole fabric will remain its properties even after many years of regular washing.

3. Comes in a wide range of colours

Many hobbyists also choose this yarn for the wide range of colours. You can choose the vibrant or dark colours for your next project. You can make almost anything imaginable with this type of yarn.

Although this yarn is a bit more expensive than the others, the benefits far outweigh the costs. You can be sure that your project will last through the years.

Alpaca yarn Australia

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