Knitting Gifts: How to Make a Knitter Happy

Are you searching for knitting gifts that will make your friend or colleague happy? Or maybe, your life partner is into knitting lately. Perhaps you don’t understand yet why she started knitting (but you will).

Whichever is the case, you need to find the perfect knitting gift that will make her happy. If you gave her the perfect one (especially during the winter season), you will be her favourite person for the rest of the year.

Anyway, here are the knitting gifts that hobbyists often love. In addition, we’ll provide you with some hints that will help you decide which the ideal one is:

1. Complete set of knitting supplies

For the true hobbyists, their existing knitting supplies will never be enough. After all, they knit daily and there’s an endless list of patterns to make.

If the receiver’s a beginner, you can give her a knitting kit which often includes a set of yarn, needle and an instruction leaflet. She can then make a beanie for adults and kids.

This is an easy option because you don’t have to figure out which type of yarn, needle and pattern to choose. You can then purchase a kit and ensure that your knitter friend will appreciate what you just gave. In addition, she will be really excited to get started because everything’s in there already.

2. Bamboo knitting needles

Why bamboo knitting needles? Many hobbyists now choose this because of the extra warmth these needles provide. In addition, these bamboo needles are soft, lightweight and eco-friendly.

During cold winter days, these bamboo needles will make knitting more enjoyable. It becomes then more motivating to knit even when it’s almost freezing outside.

The bamboo needles also give a different experience compared to using plastic or metal needles. The feel is quite different, which is one of the reasons hobbyists don’t look back once they started using bamboo needles.

3. Knitting yarns

At first, it seems that knitting is simple. Pick a yarn and follow the pattern. It also seems that yarns are all the same.

But once you explore the world of knitting, you’ll be surprised at the sheer number of types of yarns. It’s fascinating to hear about Shepherd, Debbie Bliss, King Cole and many more.

These yarns have their own advantages that experienced hobbyists can only discern. In addition, the yarns themselves might not be enough to please your friend. She would still need to find knitting patterns that perfectly match the yarn you purchased.

Knitting gifts Australia

You can start with knitting kits so the task becomes easier. It’s also good to give bamboo needles to your friend (especially when it’s winter season).

At The Aussie Knitting Co, we provide all that (subject to availability). You have a lot of knitting supplies to choose from (online or at our store).

If you have any questions about purchasing and delivery, you can visit our FAQ page.

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