3 Quirky Knitting Patterns & Projects You Can Start

Looking for quirky knitting patterns for your next project? Here in this short article we’ll provide you with some awesome ideas and inspirations. We’ll also provide valuable tips along the way. Let’s start.

1. Pedlar doll

This is one of the uncommon knitting projects people make. That’s why if you make this one, surely you’ll stand out and become memorable.

Aside from giving them as gifts, Pedlar dolls can also serve as heirloom or collector’s item. This means it has high value because it can be treated as a treasure. With its height of 29 cm plus its handcrafted clothing and accessories, it will become a masterpiece if you dedicate your time to it.

2. Handmade monsters

Yes you can create handmade cute monsters that are great for display and bedrooms. These cute and colourful monsters are sure to defy your expectations of what a monster really is.

For example, this comprehensive book and list of knitted monsters will complete your collection. Aside from being decorative displays, these knitted monsters are also amazing as lovable toys for kids. You can also make them and give them as gifts or donations. You can also just try them if you’re looking for unique projects and inspirations.

3. Water bottle cover

This sounds boring but you’ll be delighted once you make one. You can make a cute water bottle (gray or pink) in just one knitting session. Also, when’s the last time you saw a knitted cover for water bottles?

This is unique and it’s just one of the interesting projects listed here. Aside from water bottle cover, you can also create placemats, napkin rings, knitted slippers and decorative pot holders. You can also create a market bag which is more eco-friendly and reusable. It’s proof that aside from making something beautiful, you’ll also create something useful.

Quirky knitting patterns

Those are just some ideas you can start this weekend. Here at The Aussie Knitting Co, we even have more patterns to satisfy your interests. You can also tell us your ideas and we’ll provide you with excellent recommendations.

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