5 Amazing Knitting Ideas for 2018 Autumn

Although autumn’s the best time to have coastal walks and enjoy the outdoors, that doesn’t stop many knitters from practicing their craft. Besides, there’s still plenty of time to knit and create that beanie, sweater or kitchen accessory.

Well, here in this article we’ll give you 5 ideas to make the most out of your autumn knitting. Before winter comes, you’ll have another project to show and be proud of. Let’s get started.

1. Yes, knit a sweater

Prepare for the winter and protect yourself from the chilling 10℃ nights. Aside from preparing for the cold winter nights, it’s also a good time to anticipate and condition yourself for the next season.

For beginners, knitting a sweater can be very intimidating. If you’re starting this kind of project, you should be already good at deciphering knitting abbreviations and differentiating among the various stitches.

To make the task easier, many beginners work instead on baby sweaters (or sweaters for small kids). It may still require some skill because the measurements should be correct and any errors might make the sweater far from useful. But the project becomes less intimidating and faster to complete.

As one of the pinnacles of the hobby, here are a few cool tips on how to successfully knit a sweater:

  • Use circular knitting needles (ideal for heavy projects such as making a sweater)
  • Choose bulky yarns for faster completion and better warmth (e.g. wool, alpaca) The pattern might recommend a specific type of yarn though
  • Prepare for the time commitment
  • Set a routine (focus on the process instead of the outcome)

Although the best thing to do is to sit down and start knitting, the tips mentioned above will help you save a lot of time and frustration. For instance, circular knitting needles will put less strain on your wrists (which make the knitting experience more comfortable).

Knitting a full adult sweater requires lots of time and dedication. That’s why many hobbyists pay extra attention on the experience itself. For example, many hobbyists choose bamboo needles because these are said to provide extra warmth and grip. However, other hobbyists still prefer the traditional metal needles because these provide the classic “clicking” sound. Knitting might be never complete without that characteristic sound.

2. Cardigans if you don’t like the sweater

Not everyone likes wearing a full sweater. After all, it’s bulky and heavy. They’re also not that versatile because you can only wear them during the winter.

That’s why you should just choose cardigans instead. People wear them no matter the season. Aside from protecting people from the cold or sunlight, cardigans also add style to whatever outfit you’re wearing. You can even wear them when you’re going to work or just walking outside.

Some of your options are classic, waterfall, cropped and long cardigans. You can choose one style depending on your preferences. You can also start with knitting a classic cardigan and move on to the next style and pattern.

Aside from creating cardigans, many savvy knitters also make belts, ties and scarves to complement their creations. They often make these accessories with matching colour theme as the cardigans. Some choose making a cardigan with bold colour and then create a plain looking accessory (or vice versa).

There are lots of possibilities with making cardigans especially if you’re also considering the accessories and combinations. In addition, knitting a cardigan could be much faster and less intimidating than finishing a sweater.

3. Socks and beanies to keep babies warm

This is also a preparation for the winter. After all, babies could be more prone to loss of body heat. They don’t yet have the physical capabilities for successful regulation of their body temperatures.

That’s where little socks and beanies can help. These could serve as additional layers of protection against the cold. In addition, you can create cute socks and beanies that further add to the babies’ cuteness level.

Both beginners and experienced hobbyists knit these creations. These are easy and fast to make. There’s an immediate reward for anyone who tries it. Just sit for a while and knit for 1 or 2 hours and you’ll already have something to show.

There are lots of baby patterns you can choose from. You can start from head to toe. From beanies down to knitted shoes (yes these are also available). The available patterns often recommend lightweight yarns so babies can stay comfortable. Moreover, bright colours and designs are also available to better complement the babies’ mood and lovable appearance.

4. Indulge in 10 home accessory patterns

Why 10? It’s just a random number that’s easy to remember. Besides, you can already complete a few of these projects in just a single day.

Home accessories are timeless which is why many knitters choose to create these. These “accessories” or whatever you call them, are actually functional and serve valuable purposes in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Some of these functional accessories are:

  • Cover for water bottle
  • Pillow cover
  • Kitchen dishcloths
  • Coffee cosy
  • Smartphone cover
  • Potholder
  • Eco-friendly market bag


Perhaps these projects are still missing from your portfolio. It’s now time to make them this autumn. Surely, you’ll be delighted how easy it is to make them (and how varied your options are going to be once you get started).

5. Take it easy and make clothes for toys/dolls

For some, autumn is the time to relax and slow down. After all, it’s the perfect season to savour the outdoors before the cold winter comes. Perhaps you feel the same way and you want to slow down with your knitting.

However, you don’t have to neglect the hobby for weeks and months. Autumn might be the time to slow down. But it could also be the time to renew your interest with the hobby. For instance, sometimes it could feel a bit boring knitting the same type of sweater or blanket all over again. Why not try making other creations such as clothes for toys and dolls?

Often, the key to sustaining interest and motivation is variety. Try various patterns and make new explorations. Create dog ties and cute clothes for your child’s favourite toy. These are just small projects to stay productive in your knitting.

During this time you can also challenge yourself by starting from scratch and creating your own patterns and designs. Perhaps you need a cover for your laptop or a new pillow cover. Instead of relying on patterns, why not create your own design from scratch and start knitting. This is an awesome way of flexing your knitting muscles.

2018 autumn amazing knitting ideas

For many of the knitting enthusiasts, autumn is just another time to finish a dozen projects and move on to the next. Some of them might slow down and go with easy patterns. Others though are still willing to knit that full sweater or blanket.

Autumn is said to be a period of transition and preparation. That’s why many hobbyists knit a sweater in preparation for the winter. Others take advantage of this season to improve their skills (e.g. knit without looking, tackling huge and intricate patterns).

Whichever is the case, it’s still all about enjoying the hobby and producing something tangible every now and then. Almost nothing beats that kind of reward and the satisfaction it brings (especially when you give your knitted creation to a loved one).

The satisfaction gets even better when you’ve tackled a new or challenging project. During this phase you might need to learn new things (e.g. learn more knitting abbreviations) and experiment with new types of yarns and needles.

Here at The Aussie Knitting Co, we offer a wide selection of yarns, needles and patterns you can use this autumn. Actually, no matter the season we always have a wide range of products to satisfy each knitter’s drive to create more and improve on his or her craft.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your future projects. Our expert staff can give you excellent recommendations so you could continuously practice your craft and produce more lovely creations.

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