Here are Knitting and Crocheting Ideas for the Rest of 2019

It’s almost the second half of the year and time flies fast. Right now you want to catch up and get busy for the rest of the year filling your portfolio with amazing knitted creations. Good thing is we’ve gathered some awesome ideas and inspirations for you. Let’s start.

1. A small soft toy with overalls

Have you tried knitting a small soft toy? If not, then this should be the first project on your list. If yes was your answer it’s still a good thing because you can finish a few of this kind of project within a week. It’s a simple kind of project that can build your momentum for the rest of the year.

One such project you can start with is the Leaflet 4874 from Sirdar. The result will be a soft toy that can be put to display or that can be hugged by a small child. It’s one of the perfect additions for your portfolio and one of the best gifts for lovely children. This also adds some variety and uniqueness to your creations because it’s three-dimensional and different from the most usual knitting projects (which are always in two dimensions such as clothing and clothing accessories). It’s easy and fun to make as well which can make the knitting time a bit more delightful especially when the project nears its completion.

2. Create a zoo

Why limit yourself to just creating one item? Why not create several things at once and make it a full package?

It’s always fun to create a collection. However, it can take a lot of time because each knitted or crocheted piece can take a few days. Good news is that you can achieve a lot by working on small items that follow a certain theme. You can easily do just that by constructing an entire zoo with several small animals that will complete your collection. It will be a huge accomplishment because you’ve completed several small projects all at once. In addition, you’ll have a single collection that showcases different crafts that follow a certain theme (the zoo).

A themed collection also provides some flexibility especially if you’re planning to make it a gift. You can decide to crochet just one or two toy animals and then give them to an adorable child. Or, you can also create the entire set if you wanted to see a higher level of delight from the recipient. But to maximise the joy and the accomplishment, creating the 16 crocheted animals and creatively arranging them in a set could really make a huge difference.

3. Think big and complete 20+ unique projects

The modern times have overwhelmed us with choice. Just with cereal there are already 100+ brands and variants we can choose from. Just one trip to the supermarket or even a small retail store we can witness the almost limitless number of choices and decisions we have to make.

It’s especially the case in arts and crafts. Should you knit a small kitchen accessory or a huge adult sweater with an intricate design? Should you go for function (e.g. market bag) or creativity (e.g. dog coat)?

Good thing is you can eliminate the choices altogether and decide to do them all. There are now patterns and collections that allow you to accomplish more and make the decision making process a lot easier for you. Well, it can be overwhelming (and also exciting) but as you complete each piece you’ll be unstoppable.

You can start with a huge project where you can make: slippers, placemats and napkin rings, felted egg cosy, teapot cosy, felted pot holders, rabbit, hot water bottle cover, Aussie birds, felted toy, Chevron cot blanket, bilby, dog coat, motif bag, superhero blanket, felted covers for phone and tablet, gumnuts and leaves decoration, bucket bag, mug cosy, market bag, egg cosy, tubs, square motif throw and decorative pot holders.

Yes, it can all be overwhelming at first because there’s a lot to do and you might ask yourself where to start. Well, it gets easier if you just start from the top and cross them off the list one by one. You can also commit yourself to finishing them all in two or three months with still a lot of time to spare.

4. Home accessories and more

Sometimes we’re in a dilemma because we have to choose whether to go for function or creativity (i.e. utility versus decoration). After all we can’t do it all and one way or another we have to decide and cut all other options.

Good thing is we just can’t stop ourselves from producing awesome creations, which is why many hobbyists are willing to complete large collections and multiple projects within several months. They have realised that the most meaningful accomplishments take time (and time will pass anyway).

To build their momentum, they often go on a blitz (energetic and concerted effort on a single task). This is helpful in seeing some results immediately. This then fills them with motivation so they can better push through the project. In the span of several months (enough for the rest of 2019) they could finish the following: coathanger covers, tea cosies, teddy sweater, sleepover bags, golf club covers, beanies and scarves, animal slippers with strap, moccasins, hot water bottle covers, crochet flowers, phone or glasses covers, door draught stoppers, toy rabbit or mouse, pencil cases, little and big bears, monster puppets and hand puppet mittens.

Knitting and crocheting ideas for the rest of 2019

The projects mentioned above will be more than enough for the rest of 2019. Before the start 0f 2020 you would have created a lot of amazing crafts you can be proud of. Yes they can take a lot of time but it will be a high level of accomplishment for you. It even gets a lot better if you give them as gifts to your friends and loved ones. This is an absolute win-win because you’ll get satisfied with your hard work and the recipients will be delighted by your creations.

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