Knitting for Beginners: Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Aside from not knowing what to do, knitting for beginners is a bit frustrating because of the mistakes along the way. This includes wrong choice of yarn, failing to read the pattern correctly and many more.

That’s why in this short article, we’ll discuss some of the common mistakes. We’ll also discuss a few things about common knitting mistakes such as dropped and twisted stitches. Let’s start.

1. Not choosing the proper yarn

This alone can make or break your project. It also makes a huge difference on your knitting for several days. For instance, inflexible and inelastic yarns can result to much hand strain. This is especially the case when you’re handling a large project (or multiple small projects).

Also, the wrong type of yarn will lead to less than ideal results. Perhaps the texture will look a lot different. It could also be that the result doesn’t match what the pattern shows. The key here is to start with a pattern first and then purchase the matching yarn.

2. About reading the pattern

Reading and understanding a knitting pattern takes time. There are terminologies (usually in abbreviations) that you need to learn. These are all important in ensuring you’re exactly following the pattern.

Self-study might be enough for you to learn all those things. Watching videos online or reading web tutorials could be all you need. However, attending classes could jump start your learning process. During those classes, you’ll also learn the best practices.

3. Dropped and twisted stitches

A stitch slipping off your needle is a common scenario. Worse is, you might’ve just noticed it when you’re a few rows over. Another common scenario is a twisted stitch wherein there are unnecessary crosses.

Whichever is the cause (e.g. leaving the row halfway, dropping the project suddenly or just a common daily mistake), you can easily prevent or fix them. You can prevent these mistakes by finishing a row before dropping it off. Another way is by looking at your progress once in a while (before the mistakes get worse).

To fix them, you might need to undo a significant part of your craft. The key here is to look at your progress once in a while. Then, you can fix the problem as quick as possible without much “un-stitching.”

Knitting for beginners Australia

Experienced hobbyists often made a lot of mistakes before they became proficient in their craft. Thankfully, you don’t need to encounter most of those mistakes. You can learn from others and study the best practices in the beginning.

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