Wool Knitting Designs: 4 Fun Ideas to Try

Wool knitting has become popular because wool is durable and resists water, wrinkling and heat. Also, it’s one sustainable product (Australia alone produces over 200,000 tonnes of it).

Experienced hobbyists also choose wool over other yarns because there’s a wide variety of designs available. Here are some:

1. Floral

Floral patterns and ideas are a bit challenging for beginners. This is where dexterity may be tested. But it’s where you can feel the fulfillment because you’ve made something complicated.

Floral designs are perfect on almost every craft you can make with knitting. Whether it’s for a sweater, boots or scarf, floral designs can add more intricacy on your crafts.

2. Plain

If you’re a fan of minimalism, plain designs are ideal for you. Perhaps in the past you’re always knitting intricate patterns. Why not try plain designs now for a change?

Plain knitting designs are common on sweaters, scarves and beanies. These crafts put much focus on the texture and type of yarn you used. That’s why you have to be careful in choosing a particular yarn (colour, texture, shade) for your project.

3. Colourful

You can actually use different colours for one project. This could be quite challenging (and a great learning experience). You have to learn about which colours best work together. You also have to be careful in choosing the right shade for each design or pattern (what you see online might be different in reality).

There are a lot of wool colours available. Surely, you can find that best matches your preference and project requirements. You can also start with small projects first to test if the colour combination is right.

4. Geometric

Geometric patterns add more texture and life to a craft. You can include patterns such as triangles, diamonds and circular shapes (this is quite challenging).

Many patterns are available that show repetitive geometric shapes. This unifies the theme of your craft. In addition, it will test your skills. Good news is, knitting with wool is a comfortable experience. You can practice and knit for hours without feeling much hand strain.

Wool Knitting Designs

Those are just some of the designs you should try this weekend. You can start with floral or any item mentioned above. You can also try them all in alternate sessions.

If you need more inspiration about which project to try, you can visit our Patterns page.

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