Book - Field Guide to Knitted Birds

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Field Guide to Knitted Birds

The adorable avian knitting collection from Arne & Carlos--now in paperback!

Birds of a feather ... knit together! With their trademark style, clarity, and humor, let Arne & Carlos guides you on a journey into a delightfully vivid knitted bird kingdom. Inspired by nature at home and abroad, as well as far-off fantastical places, this is the ideal guide for knitted bird lovers, whether creating with decorative purpose or just for fun.

Inside, you'll find:

- Characters from Arne & Carlos's home garden in Norway, including the characteristic bullfinch, chickadee, wagtail, and more

- Charming cold-weather birds worked with traditional Norwegian sweater motifs--keep them warm with bird-sized wool hats and scarves

- Brilliant birds-of-paradise, brought alive with embroidery, sequins, and feathers

- Birds featuring vintage Mexican embroidery designs, flower patterns, and so much more

Clear instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-color photographs make it easy for every knitter's imagination to take flight.