Here are 3 Inexpensive Hobbies to Try This Weekend

Looking for inexpensive hobbies to try this weekend? Perhaps you’re looking for fun things to do and you just prefer doing everything indoors. Or maybe the weather’s not just that good for you to stay outdoors. Whichever is the case, here are 3 inexpensive hobbies to fill up your time this Saturday and Sunday:

1. Write or read

Reading is the most common way to fill up the time indoors. It’s easy and almost free (especially if you just browse online). You can also buy a few books and read all the works of your favourite author. You can also catch up to what’s been sitting there on your bookshelf.

Aside from reading, writing is also a good way to make the weekend still productive. It’s also a great way to organise your thoughts and perhaps share something to the world. You can start a blog or just write things on paper. You can start writing a short story or a full-length novel once you’re into it.

2. Learning a new language

Probably you’ve heard of people learning how to speak in at least 3 languages. It seems like an amazing feat that you never thought you could also do that for yourself. Yes, you can also learn other languages and be fluent in them.

There are lots of online resources out there. However, just start with one course and have a clear goal. For example, your goal should be somewhat like learning to start and sustain a conversation with someone fluent in Mandarin. If you can do that, it’s proof that you already know the language.

3. Knitting

This could be a bit more challenging than the two hobbies mentioned above. That’s because you need to learn a new skill. But the good thing is knitting could be really productive and a lot more fulfilling.

Many people in Australia have tried knitting and they get amazed of their own work. Once they start knitting the first sweater or beanie, they just can’t stop. They want to discover and create other designs and patterns.

One of the common challenges about knitting is buying the right type of yarn and needle. It could also be overwhelming to what specific type of project to start. There are lots of patterns to choose from.

To get started, you can first try knitting beanies, socks and accessories for pets. These are small and simple enough that even you’re a beginner you can already accomplish a lot with these. Then, you can go on with complex patterns as you gain more experience.

Inexpensive hobbies to try this weekend

If you’ve decided to go for knitting and you want to learn how, you can sign up for our classes and learn how to knit your first handmade cosy hat or scarf. We conduct practical and hands-on classes for beginners, intermediate hobbyists and even experienced knitters.

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