Here are 5 Knitting Patterns for Spring

Searching for knitting patterns for spring? Perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration before choosing a new knitting project. Or maybe you just want to complete a timely project this spring. Whichever is the case, here are some ideas, patterns and inspirations you can start with.

1. Green sweaters for babies

Why green? Spring symbolises rebirth and renewal. It also represents the sprouting of new green leaves and the celebration of the birth of new life. Whether it’s for your own baby or you’ll be giving it as a gift for your neighbour or colleague, green sweaters are timely creations for this spring season.

2. Green scarves for the ladies

Although spring here in Australia is still relatively warm (11 to 23°C), scarves still remain popular all year long. That’s because a scarf can complement almost any type of clothing. Also, whether it’s warm or cold outside, scarves are just a great addition to your outfit (especially for fellow ladies). This spring, you can make a green scarf with plain or elaborate design.

3. Green placemats for the kitchen

Knitting goes beyond aesthetic satisfaction. It’s one of the few hobbies that actually result to something useful. With knitting, you can hand-craft placemats and other kitchen and dining accessories for your home and family. For this spring season, you can create a few small placemats within the weekend. These will be perfect whenever you’re dining or drinking your favourite hot beverage.

4. Green dog coats

Do you have a new puppy? Does your dog need a new set of cute attire? A green dog coat can help celebrate the coming of a new pet. That can also give a refreshing look to your favourite dog companion for years. You can purchase a pattern on dog coats and modify the yarn colour. This way, you can make a dog coat just appropriate for the spring season.

5. Green tops for the whole family

As mentioned earlier, the spring season symbolises rebirth and renewal. Do you have a newborn now? Do you have a new pet? Does your husband have a new job or career? Did you just move into a new home? You can celebrate all these by knitting green sweaters or vests for the whole family (including your pet).

Knitting patterns for spring Australia

Those are just some of the patterns and ideas you can get started with this spring. Those ideas mentioned above are timely and appropriate for the season.

If you need to find more patterns and inspirations, you can browse this page. You can also visit our knitting and yarn store at 6-8 Brice Avenue, Mooroolbark Victoria 3138 Australia.

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