How to Learn the Knitting Basics: Here’s What to Expect

How to learn the knitting basics? It’s hard to understand the whole process just by reading. The best approach is attending a group class or requesting for a private lesson. That’s because everyone will learn best through hands-on (and actually making something tangible).

So in this article, we’ll focus on discussing what to expect when learning knitting. We’ll also discuss what beginners should focus on when starting to learn.

Steep learning curve at the beginning

Most beginners will struggle at first. After all, knitting requires attention to detail. Even the basic stitch might require a lot of trials and errors before you can do it right automatically.

The good news is, once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll realise that it’s all repetitive and routine. Complex patterns and large projects are available. But you can still tackle them because of your mastery of the basics. You’ll be able to combine what you’ve learned and use them in interesting ways.

Start small and create something

Initial successes are the best motivators. If you’ve quickly created something through knitting, this will motivate you further to handle more projects. For example, you’ve created a simple baby sock. With the right guidance and instruction, you can finish knitting it in one seating.

You’ll instantly feel a different level of satisfaction as you see your first creation. This will motivate you to look for other projects to make such as mittens, baby hats, scarves and perhaps even a small sweater.

That’s why in many classes, everyone’s required to knit and make something at the end of each class. It’s the best approach to learning and motivating one’s self. In addition, you’ll have something tangible to be proud of (and feel productive at the end of the day).

Knitting needles, yarns and patterns

You’ll also learn about the appropriate needles and yarns to use. You’ll also learn how to read the patterns. The pros and cons and some insights you’ll gain during each class and whenever you practice the craft.

All these lessons could be overwhelming at first. But as you go on, you’ll be able to piece it all together and get intuition on what’s going on. The key here is practice and immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Learn the knitting basics Sydney

Here at The Aussie Knitting Co, we conduct small group classes for knitting and crocheting. Our knitting experts will guide you through the techniques and materials. Enquire now if there are seats available for the next classes.

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