5 Types of Knitters: Which One Are You?

The 5 types of knitters are beginner, seasonal, regular, independent and group knitter. Let’s discuss each one of these so you’ll know where you belong. Let’s start.

1. Beginner

Cotton or wool yarn? Bamboo or steel needles? This pattern or that pattern? What’s the meaning of this abbreviation? Lots of questions are in the beginners’ mind. It’s overwhelming at first because well, knitting is not an easy thing to learn at all.

Even the basic stitch is a challenge itself. You might try over 10x before you can do it right. You’ll make over 5 mistakes before you can figure out where the left needle should go after the loop. It’s just a basic stitch. Wait until you learn the different kinds of stitches and the complex patterns you’re about to face.

2. Seasonal

Seasonal knitters are those who knit perhaps only once a month. Maybe they’re already busy with their work, business or family. At the beginning perhaps they’ve knitted a lot but lately they just knit during winter or whenever the weather’s not good outside.

It’s also possible they’ve already mastered everything there is about knitting. Many people when they finally overcome a certain level of mastery, they stop or lay low and move on to other things. They might have already completed a full adult sweater or made hundreds of knitted creations.

3. Regular

Yes, regular knitters do exist. Knitting is one of the few productive hobbies. At the end of the day you’ll have something tangible created. That’s one reason some people knit regularly (total of at least 10 hours each week).

Knitting is also therapeutic because it forces people to focus on a single task. Even most of the knitting is routine and repetitive, it still requires concentration. After all, one mistake and it can ruin all your work. This is also one of the reasons why some people knit regularly. They like the challenge and the productivity.

4. Independent

Independent or solo knitters prefer knitting alone in the room or at the deck. After all, perhaps they chose knitting in the first place because it can be done individually with minimal interaction with the outside world.

Solo knitters get a lot of things done because there are minimal interruptions. Many times they’re also the Regular knitters because they enjoy the hobby a lot. Through the years it’s likely they’ve already finished all types of projects including handmade dog coats, doll dresses, pillow covers and placemats.

5. Group knitter

Some things are more fun when shared. This is also true with knitting. This hobby can be lonely at times. For some people the alone hours are intolerable. That’s why some hobbyists prefer knitting with a group.

Group knitting sessions are perfect times for exchanging ideas and building strong friendly relationships. Moreover, knitting becomes livelier and more fun because you have people whom you can talk with during the practice of your hobby.

5 types of knitters Sydney

Which one are you? Are you a beginner or a regular knitter? Do you prefer doing it solo or with a group?

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