Knitting Trends 2018: Texture & Bright Colours Will Dominate

The knitting trends 2018 will be dominated by texture and bright colours. After all, we’re now looking for things that will engage the visual senses and stand out. Also, we’re craving for the “feeling of touch” (texture) because of our heavy exposure to plain and smooth objects (computers, smartphones, tablets).

Perhaps the craving for texture is responsible for the boom of handcrafted clothing and other products. For example, we just don’t look for the plain and smooth sweater. We want it to be more detailed and we want to make the texture real even when we’re just looking at it. In addition, people now pay attention to details. And knitted sweaters can really provide those details needed.

What creates the “vision” of texture?

The fibres and the yarn itself create the vision of texture. How it’s knitted and the thickness of the yarn can showcase the detail of a handmade sweater, beanie or scarf. The fibres of the yarn (e.g. alpaca, wool) can also contribute to that texture.

Aside from that, the pattern and the design itself can make the texture more elaborate. For example, many patterns now have geometric shapes repeated all throughout to provide more detail. Other patterns also require the use of multiple colours to allow for more customisation and design.

Why bright colours are trending?

One reason is that our lifestyles are getting more active and intense. We’re now looking for something new and exciting, which is why our lifestyles can also reflect our colour preferences.

Dull colours are safe and boring. On the other hand, bright and intense colours provide more life. They also easily stand out no matter the season and weather. In addition, bright colours somehow tell us that something is new. It’s especially the case with greenery because it symbolises birth, growth and renewal. The bright green colour patterns and yarns can help you emphasise a fresh start for the year 2018.

Knitting trends Australia 2018

Texture and bright colours will dominate the coming year because of the need for detail, newness and excitement. Now, you can get a head start by browsing our available patterns and yarns. Choose the ones with bright colours and that will result to a rich texture to help you prepare for 2018.

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